Back in the saddle again . . .

October 18, 2010

Time to break the radio silence . . .

Yes, the job hunt continues. I did come really close last month for a job at the high school where I used to teach, but I think I came out second or third, so it’s back to the drawing job.

Opportunities certainly seem to be cyclical. You’ll go a week without much of a sniff, then suddenly there are three or four really quality jobs in a day or two. What do I mean by “real quality?” Jobs that are challenged, utilize my skills, pay a fair wage and are not too far away. Are those the only jobs to apply for? No. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself with a reach, and sometimes your sights cannot be set quite as high as you might like.

It’s getting to be a real slog here. It’s been almost 10 months, and while there have been a couple times that things looked really good, freelancing is still the best I have going. Still thinking about doing it full-time, and I think it could work, but it would take a great deal of hustle to do it. I know people who are making it that way, but it’s a whole different mindset.

At some point, I want to reflect on how not having a full-time job changes the way you think about work. I still define myself as a writer and as “a teacher by trade,” but not having an office, classroom, colleagues, lunch room, etc., does change things. Certainly, you define your own work culture.

It’s an “up” week, I think. I have resumes in on two excellent opportunities and just sent a third one today.

So what’s the updated drill for job-hunting these days? Still checking the local paper and the state capital paper regularly, as well as the Craigslists in both cities. I still get some good looks from and stay active on the NY state teaching site – OLAS – as well as Getting active e-mails from and several other similar sites and looking at more focused sites such as and The state Department of Labor job search site has been improved, and I am still getting suggestions from the state’s SMT – skills matching technology – program.

Back to work on the search.