OK, ThumbTack.com?

I don’t usually respond to Spam/unsolicited e-mail, but I just decided to take a flyer at this site. Let’s see what happens.

All the words you’ll ever need


13 Responses to OK, ThumbTack.com?

  1. I posted one for me with them as well. I liked the idea of the cross post with Craigs list, one less site to hit each cycle.

  2. Jane says:

    The spammed me too. Said they have image consultant work and needed help. Wanted me to fill in their form and name my prices. I’m not an image consultant. It was clearly a fishing expedition…SPAM.

    If you want to stop spam, stop responding to it!

  3. Steve says:

    I just got one today, in which they let me know they visited my website and found my credentials as a Home Inspector very Impressive! They want me to fill out some forms and take on new clients for my Home Inpection business. Trouble is…I’m neither a Home Inspector NOR do I have a Website! Spam is just another word for SCAM…and that’s what these people are doing. No legitiate business would tell such flagrant lies to try and get your attention, and they ALWAYS depend on the greed (or financial need) of the recipient. Be careful out there.

  4. Amy Wolf says:

    So I very uncharacteristically signed up and paid for a few “leads” totalling $6. I can tell you unequivocally it’s a scam. The “leads” turned out to be to one phone number that was disconnected and when it was listed belonged to someone different than the name they sent me, and
    another phone number which goes straight to voicemail with no callback
    and is registered to a “business consulting” firm which has listings all over the internet but no description of their services and no reviews(until I posted on this morning.) Do not give these people any money! I am not usually so gullible.

    • I have been a member of Thumbtack for a while now. I honestly cannot remember when I signed up but it was over a year ago. I have never had to pay for any leads. I have gotten business thru the Craig’s List posting service they offer. I would recommend NOT posting your email address in your Craig’s List ad. Let everything come thru Thumbtack or let the people go to your website to reach you personally. I listed my email in the Craig’s List ad once and it was a major mistake; that is where I got all the spam from. However, I have been very happy with the services of Thumbtack. From how it works, it seems to me the scams are coming from the people requesting services. Perhaps Thumbtack needs a better way to screen potential clients but I have not had any problems with their services and have been happy with my listing and my relationship with Thumbtack. Everyone’s experience is different but I thought I would share mine.

    • Amy, I started doing more reading on Thumbtack after reading your post. Did you write them about a refund? If you got bad leads I would definitely let them know about it and request a refund for those leads.

      Refunds available

      Thumbtack will refund bad leads. If you feel you paid for a lead where the customer had no intention to hire, then let us know by sending an email to support@thumbtack.com and you will receive a refund.

  5. Mary says:

    Thumbtack is a total scam. They started out free, then started charging up front in order to bid on any so-called lead. The leads are phony, and Thumbtack is a racket, taking your money under false pretenses. You don’t need Thumbtack to post on Craigslist, people. Post your own ads — and you don’t have to pay for false leads!

  6. James Palton says:

    Here’s an interesting article about Thumbtack. This company has 5.7 million dollars in total funding and has Jason Calacanis as their investors. They must be pissed. Shame on you Thumbtack


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  8. Jerry Halloway says:

    I can tell you right now that Thumbtack is a joke! I have used them for almost 3 years now, and I book about 1 client per 30 leads. It is a complete ripoff!!

  9. Hanna Stanfield says:

    I think it’s phony, too. The names of the leads they want me to respond to sound alot like the made-up names you get from other e-mail scammers. All of them are unusual names. I haven’t gotten 1 call from a lead.

  10. yeah, unfortunately I myself am feeling like its a scam. I’ve bid on 6 or 8 gig and got nothing. This is part of my operating costs as an entertainer, getting taken. Its all good, they’re only hurting themselves. Just let it go, no big deal.

  11. Reynaldo says:

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