1,007 miles in a week and back to Square One

September 24, 2010

My latest job-hunting adventure began on Thursday, Sept. 2, when I opened my “business” e-mail account to see a job listed on schoolsroung.com and ended three weeks later — yesterday afternoon — with a phone call.

The short version is that I had my best possibility for a job since I got laid off, and it would have been the best possible job I have considered. I would have gone back to teaching at Ledyard High School in Connecticut, with an excellent class load and working for a principal who was a great colleague and a close friend.

Unfortunately, the committee chose an “exceptional” candidate over me.

I am surprisingly OK with it. It would have been great, and it would have paid extremely well, but it would have uprooted us and made the next month or so very stressful. I chose to put it in God’s hands (or the Cosmic Muffin, depending on your belief system), and I am taking it as a message that I need to work harder on my writing and make something from that.

We’re managing OK for the time being, and I am working on some other ideas to make money.

So here’s what happened:

I saw the ad and e-mailed the principal, who told me that if his superintendent felt they could afford me (I have a lot of experience), he would interview me).

I then spent almost three hours banging out all the application materials.

They got 70+ applications in eight days, and last week I had a phone screening.

Monday, I drove 400 miles round trip for a good interview with the principal, his assistant and two Social Studies teacher.

I did well enough that I got invited to teach a sample lesson on Wednesday. It was 30 minutes on the “Trail of Tears.” It went well, and the kids even applauded at the end. I stayed Tuesday and Wednesday nights with my daughter Theresa, in Worcester, Mass., which was about 75 minutes from the school.

I spent yesterday hanging around, waiting for the call and finally got it in the afternoon. I was disappointed, and I know it was a hard phone call for my friend to make.

As my friend said, “It is what it is.” Back to job-hunting, resume-writing and writing.

Of course, this morning I open schoolspring.com to see that the middle school in my hometown (not far from where I was interviewing) has a one-year position open. I decided to pass on it, but then a friend IMed me to tell me there were a couple retirements expected at the high school.

Nope, the fun never ends.


I am going to listen to my sister and start blogging again

September 24, 2010

For reasons that will become apparent in the next post, this blog is going to become more active again.

I took some time off from the blog during the summer, but I am going to get back into it again.

I am also actively looking for folks who need resume-writing, social-networking or other word-smithing skills. Please contact me at toscano.bill@gmail.com