Working toward the future

The days seem to run together sometimes during a job hunt, but I am pretty sure it was Thursday that I had a really good day.

It was a day more about the future than the present. I spent more than five hours, pulling together my teaching application packets for the Internet. I still need to do some actual, physical packets, but there are several sites out there that hold your application materials online and then let you apply for a job with the click of a button. One of them,, also pops your generic cover letter up so you can personalize it. The other, OLAS is used by many of the school districts in New York.

So after slogging through the setup and update process, I applied for 16 jobs in somewhere less than 90 minutes.

I have application in for New York schools, including Moravia, Greater Amsterdam, Duanesburg, Cherry Valley, Pelham, North Salem, Harrison, White Plains, Byram Hills and the Believe High School Network of Brooklyn. Also, South Burlington, Vt., a hospital teaching position in Pembroke, Mass., and two more from Massachusetts, Agawam and Ayer.

I got the polite rejection note from the really cool interview I went on a couple of weeks ago. I still have never heard back from the vast majority of the applications.

I did have a real disappointment this week. Ommegang Brewery was looking for a local representative to handle tastings in the area. I responded right away, but I never heard back, Dang!


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