Ruts in the road . . .

There are happy weeks in the job-hunt, and there are unhappy weeks, and this, right now, is one of the unhappy weeks.

The way I figure it, I have today and tomorrow to turn it around, and that’s where I am going.

First off, I have not heard back from the nice lady at the wicked cool job I interviewed for last week. I did send her a thank-you note, but I have not heard anything since. I am going to check the mailbox this afternoon, then follow up with another e-mail.

The Census Bureau psition did not come to fruition. They did not have the job available that I was hired for, so it’s back to wait and see for me.

I have not heard back on anything else in the last week or so. Yes, it’s frustrating, but honestly, the highest percentage of people looking for jobs have been at it between six months and a year. That timeline would not be terrible for me, assuming I can land a teaching job for the Fall, which is one of my main goals at this point.

Sure, if I can find a solid job before then, that will be all good, but if I can scrap my way to late August and get back into the classroom, that would be great.

Updating my presence on several of the teaching websites is a priority for the next couple of days. Once the stuff is up there, the application process is pretty simple.

Yesterday, I applied for a total of five adjunct instructor positions at two community colleges (HVCC and ACC for those following along at home), as well as at a major PR firm in Albany that just went through a an ownership change (bought from within).

I have six applications to get out today, plus some freelance stuff I need to get done.

As I think about it, the most successful week on the job hunt is the last week, because that’s when you land a spiffy job. But, oddly, more and more I am becoming convinced that with the right part-time job as a base, I might  be able to make it freelancing, if I can really focus and work extremely hard.

We will have to see.

This is certainly an E-Ticket ride, for those who remember E-Ticket rides.


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