And then there are rays of sunshine . . .

It’s not all bad. It never is.

Yes, I mentioned it’s been a touch week, but there are some good things going on.

1. I got a call from the city editor at the local daily newspaper. I have done freelance sports reporting for the paper before, but never anything beyond that. I had one interview with him, several years ago, and something didn’t click. He wants to talk to me about freelancing.

2. I am also going to hear back from the publisher of a local weekly newspaper I have worked for in the past. He has several special sections coming out that he could needs some stories written for.

3. I have been accepted at, one of the for-pay blogging sites. Not a lot of  pay, but pay nonetheless. Look for more on that down the road.

4. I am hard at work on a resume project and a social-networking project, and I am going to be doing some grant research as well.

5. One of my friends finally hit me upside the head and said, “Start doing photography for hire, too.” That suggestion actually came here. I am working on publicizing that. I have let the local papers know I am available already.

6. I asked four people for letters of recommendation, and I have seen two of them. There’s nothing better than reading a letter from someone who met you in the 1980s and still thinks you are really cool.

7. Finally, I have my friends. My friends are there, and they are behind me. That’s something that has really been brought home over the last three months.


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