Catching up on the past week: Part The First

We last left our intrepid blogger a week ago, in the middle of a job-hunt morning, and he hasn’t been seen since.

It turned out to be a pretty busy week, and things are really beginning to change.

Tomorrow’s schedule includes a 2 p.m. interview and training session for an office position at the U.S. Census office here in the North Country. It’s an eight-week temporary position, and I will find out the details when I go for the training. I did extremely well on the test (26 of 28), but I was not comfortable with the actual door-to-door work. I had hoped for a supervisory position, but I’ll be working as a clerk. The net pay won’t be much more than what I was collecting, but it’ll be a chance to learn new skills and to get out and have a new experience. I am unsure when it’s going to start.

The good thing is, it’s a temporary position, so I will be able to collect Unemployment Insurance when the job ends.

But there’s more.

You will also remember that you folks got me an interview last week, and I felt as though it went well. I’ll find out in the next few days just how well it went and whether I will be one of the two people brought it for a final interview with the CEO.

The job involves being a “connector,” bringing potential donors together with our non-profit organization. I’d be helping run some major event and helping the CEO visit other CEOs and company officers to convince them to work with us. For those of you who know me well, it’s basically, “Go out and be Liam.”

It seems like a great place to work, and I think it would be a great chance for a new career.

I sent out more job letters last week, and I have some lined up to send today. I worked the Internet job boards for about an hour yesterday and found a few things.

In addition, I am working on some freelance stuff, and I was able to bill a couple of papers last week for some work. Nothing on the sports writing front, unless Wilkes-Barre/Scranton beats Albany in a hockey game tonight. (I love this business).


2 Responses to Catching up on the past week: Part The First

  1. I realize that the Census job is a part-time thing, but it does get your foot in the door in the federal service. There are a lot more jobs open for those who are/have been in federal service than those who have not.

    But the ‘Let Liam be Liam’ job sounds real interesting and I do hope that one comes through for you. I think it is the thing you would really want to do.

  2. Bill Toscano says:

    I think the other thing that really appeals to me about it is that the non-profit I would be working for does a great deal for people with mental disabilities, and I would really feel as though I was contributing to society.

    That’s not in comparison with teh Census job, but just an observation.

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