A Week in the Life: Part The Second

It’s right there on the job description for “Unemployed Guy,” right after No. 1 “Find A Job.”

That’s obvious, but then there’s No. 2 “Deal with the paperwork.”

I do have to be fair and say that in general, at least in New York state, weekly filing is as simple as going to the web site and clicking some ticky boxes, then the payment shows up in direct deposit a few days later.

Trouble is, I distinctly remember filing on April 11, but after when I filed yesterday, I discovered that it had not gone through, so I am a payment behind. I have written a letter already, and it goes out today. I am going to try to call today, but it’s really, really hard to get through. This is not a surprise.

I also have to deal with forms for several weeks where I covered games for the local newspaper and only filed for two days of UI, because I worked the other two. Trouble is, you need to fill out a form for every week you do that, and it’s got to be done through the mail. I have those forms in the mail, too.

This whole thing also adds another monthly bill, but I cannot complain. I have to send a check to my previous employer to pay for the COBRA, but thanks to one of President Obama’s economic plans, I am paying about one-third of the actual cost.

Oh, and there was one other thing to do last week. I had to spend about an hour at the local One-Stop Center with about 20 other folks who are unemployed. It was odd for me, because I had worked at the One-Stop in the next county, doing the same thing. The woman leading the session was the same woman who hired me back in October 2007. That was kind of odd. There was a lot of good information, but I am not sure how much of it got through to folks.


One Response to A Week in the Life: Part The Second

  1. Julie says:

    I suppose I must be doing this whole “unemployment” thing wrong, because I’m not dealing with any paperwork.

    On the other hand, I’m also not getting any money from the government…

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