Another Day In The Life: 9:15-10:15 a.m.

9:15 a.m.: With the second cup of coffee poured, and the personal Internet windows closed, it’s time to get started on what should be a really busy and productive day. It’s going to be tough, because it’s gorgeous outside. It’s a little chilly right now (44 degrees), but it will be warming up, and the sun is bright.

Chronicling the work was really effective last Monday and seemed to be interesting to people, so here we go again. The first thing will be to write a post explaining where the job hunt stands right now, because several things have changed since then – for the better. Then it’s going to be a run through Craigslist, which is consistently providing the best leads. And, to be honest, there’s enough going on today, hat I really need to put together a solid to-do list.

OK, the to-do list is written;  45 items in the following categories – Paperwork, Job Search, Blogs, and House. Can they all get done? Not very likely. But the farther into the list, the better. Let’s plan to get 30+ items done. There will undoubtedly be more items added.

The second cup of coffee is done, too. On to the third. Coffee is a critical component for the job search. Have been through the usual suspects on the Internet – Craigslist, Indeed, and the Post-Star and Times-Union web sites. (These are actually Yahoo). Went through the hard copy of the Sunday papers for those publications, and found one job. Even with the Internet, there are times the print media is really useful. Also got some hits from the Monster search, one to pursue. Also tried SnagAJob with no useful results.

There are seven new jobs to pursue all together, and several others to follow up on.


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