Another day in the life: 10:15 a..m.-12:45 p.m.

10:15-12:15 p.m.: The skeletons for all of the cover letters are set up. There going to be close to a dozen today. Took a little recreational time and got a second post up here. This will be today’s third.

Not everything here at The Home Office is directly related to getting a job and writing blogs, articles, resumes and the rest. The dining room table is clean. The kitchen is clean, including a huge load of dishes (with one more waiting). The stove is even clean. Two bags of trash are on the back porch and ready to go downstairs. As a shiny bonus, the litter box is clean. If  the cats get gooshy food, there will be love forever. Or for an hour, maybe.

In all, there are eight items knocked off the to-do list. There was some free time on the computer slipped in there, and the third cup of coffee is pretty well gone. lunch beckons.


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