Today in the Life . . .

Clearly, Monday was the big day of the job-hunting week. Nine resumes out, a half-dozen more set up and ready to go out and a good feeling that I had thoroughly scoured the Internet and my other contacts for job openings. That’s continued all week, and today’s to-do list is somewhat different from “Apply for As Many Jobs As Possible.”

I need to:

  • Really strengthen my LinkedIn profile. I think this will be a great resource, but I need to join more groups and pursue more connections. It’s a tough balance here, because you want to be networking, not just out-and-out job-hunting and seeking clients.
  • Get my teaching packets together. Applying for teaching positions is unlike applying for many other jobs. You need the requisite cover letter, resume and reference list, but you also need your state certifications, your transcripts (official for some places), and many systems ask for three letters of recommendation. The good news is that there are several sites such as  and the New York state site OLAS where you can upload it all and just write a new cover letter and hit the button.
  • Speaking of that, I need to ask for updated recommendation letters, especially for teaching. Some of those are several years old. It’s a little harder, because this is my third year out of the classroom, but I still have some folks who can speak to my abilities with students.
  • Get more information out and up onto the freelance writing and blogging sites. It’s been tough getting a handle on these things, because they are all so different from each other. Some are blatant job sites, others are places you can bid for jobs, some let anyone write anything and others are more careful in whom they take. I have been accepted to write two blogs at, one of the more professional sites. I need to get the information together for that.
  • I also need to start pushing more for PLQ Freelancing, because if I can land several of the part-time positions and do enough freelancing, that might be an excellent way to pursue a new career.
  • There’s also blogging to do. I am looking at this site and my beer blog,  Short Pours as a key to the job-search and to future possibilities. I have a lot of notes, especially for Short Pours, that I need to turn into posts.
  • Finally, yes, there are jobs on the docket as well. There is some work left from earlier in the week, and a couple of new things have moved through.

Yes, I know, that’s more of a week’s to-do than a day’s, but I am an overachiever. At least, I need to be right now.


3 Responses to Today in the Life . . .

  1. chrystie says:

    you should also go back on your LinkedIn connections at past jobs and get recommendations. Many companies look at your LinkedIn to see how many and what recommendations you have there as well.

    Join those groups and be vocal, participate and look for opportunities. I got a couple of small jobs from LinkedIn groups that way.

  2. Jim says:

    Just a minor picky point…the site you referenced above is

    Thanks for noticing us, much appreciated.

  3. Bill Toscano says:

    Not a minor point for you, Jim. 😉

    I have been a user for a long time.

    Some sites like that are .org and some .net or .com.

    Fixing it.

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