Hobbies and the job hunt

I’ve been writing about everything I have been up to this week, and I realized I forgot something. That led me to start thinking about hobbies and the job hunt.

Some of you know that for the last 17 years, my major hobby has been Medieval re-enactment, as part of the Society for Creative Anachronism. I do a lot of things as part of that hobby, and many of them involve job skills. It’s funny to be applying for event-planning and fund-raising jobs and doing the same thing on a volunteer basis for a non-profit organization. (Yes, those things find their way to my resume.)

This week, I have been doing a lot of planning of a major fund-raising auction at a big event we are having this weekend. It’s great to have skills you can share.

I have also had a lot more time to get to the library, both for job-search reading and personal reading and DvDs. My wife and I are up to Season Six on NCIS, and I’ve seen a fair few Bones as well. Good planning allowed me to get the new Jim Butcher book from the library a couple of days after its release. Alas, I am not finding time to read all these things.

One other thought. I am hoping to be able to do more photography, partly because it’s a marketable skill, but mostly because I enjoy it. Here is some of my photography, which will be especially useful for those who are curious about my Medieval hobby. I am very happy with Flickr.


4 Responses to Hobbies and the job hunt

  1. Valgard says:

    My project management resume says things like the fact that I was “Regional co-chair” of Western Region of the SCA, mentions the 1994 Pay to Play negotiations in which I had a part, discusses all sorts of relevant job skills: event planning (autocrat) security (constabulary) protocol (herald) plus teaching and fund raising. And they have definitely gotten me jobs in the past.

  2. Sage says:

    When I read this list on LiveJournal, I thought about commenting then. I’m 90% sure I did not comment.

    Have you thought about making up a very very simple website for your photography skills for senior pictures? It’s that time of year. Same with wedding photography, graduation parties, family reunions and such.

    For weddings and events, I’m talking about filling the market between “Uncle Bob with a camera”, and “$1000-1500 wedding photographer”… …something to the tune of $200-300 for the day, with a disc handed to the couple as you leave–they make the prints/etc, and do what they want with it.

  3. Bill Toscano says:

    Yes, I am working on something like that. I have started pulling some of my best photos together at flickr, and I am working on an overall web site for my writing and photography services.

    Thank you very much.

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