A Day In The Life: Two more hours

1-2 p.m.: Hah! It’s 1 p.m. on the button. Trying to keep the momentum going.

Failing in the momentum department. Had a phone call. Not much farther ahead 15 minutes later. By the way, the coffee’s not gone. It’s just bouncing all over my system.

OK, and now that hour’s over too. Got two more letters, one of them going out by mail, and it’s stamped, addressed and ready to go. Need to get at least one or two more cover letters written before beginning to send things out. There turned out to be a couple more possible jobs in the Times-Union classified section that had the listing of the Hudson Valley Community College adjunct instructor positions in it. As much as the Internet works well for job-hunting, sometimes the printed page is as good or better.

2-3 p.m.: That was by far the most productive hour of the day.

There are 11 cover letters done. Now it’s time to let them fly.

There are also four cover letters for adjunct positions at HVCC that simply need to have the specifics filled in.

The extra shiny bonus for the day is that I have also pumped four entries – so far – into “Working” Press.


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