A Day In The Life: Suddenly, it’s 1 p.m.

11 a.m.-noon: Why is the coffee gone?

OK, here’s a strange consistency. Each one of these hourly entries has gotten started about 15 minutes after the time listed.

Oh, this is a roll! I have four cover letters done, and a couple of them are really exciting. One of the goals is to turn this layoff into a new opportunity, and several of today’s jobs include teaching at the college level as an instructor or an adjunct. That would be just amazing. Another would involve newspaper-style editing from here at home. Maybe it’s the coffee or the fact that things have gotten accomplished this morning, but there’s a lot of bouncing around going on here.

Of course, after writing that, a sidetrack opens up. Despite the plan to get all the letters written, the summer instructor job at Skidmore College required a visit to the web site. It’s going to require filling out an on-line application, so it’s time to get that done now.

Noon-1 p.m.: Started this entry at 12:05 p.m. Getting better. And distracted.

Ended distractions by focusing on, and completing, Skidmore online application. These can seem like a pain, because everything’s on the resume, but it’s understandable why they want it done this way, and this one was easier than most.

Coffee has been replaced by water.

The count is at six cover letters done so far, including two for summer tutor positions at Skidmore, plus one for a summer instructor position there. Writing cover letters for similar positions is always easier. That’s why every cover letter is saved for a while. There will be more adjunct letters to go out, too. Those should be simple re-writes of the others.


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