A Day In The Life: Early morning

Grab a seat here in the “Working” Press offices in beautiful Glens Falls, NY. Sure, just sweep the cat off the chair. Push that yarn out of the way. Get a coffee if you’d like. (There’s plenty). Today, in installments, ” “Working” Press will bring you, “A Day In The Life of a Job-hunter/Freelance Writer.

7:15 -8 a.m.: This is just like getting ready for a regular job: Sneak in an extra 15 minutes in bed. Get up, shower and shave, make a big pot of coffee and get to the computer for personal correspondence before starting the work day. It’s important to get that shower and shave in, so at least there’s a feeling of getting ready for a day of work. The coffee, well, not a lot is going to happen without that. No need to make a lunch. It’ll be an easy matter of wandering into the kitchen. There’s almost always something to eat, because afternoons usually include cooking. There will be a few job-related things scattered around the personal e-mail, but there’s actually a separate browser for the job and blogging work. The regular browser is Firefox, but for experimentation purposes, the job stuff is on Google Chrome. There’s a separate e-mail account and a separate twitter (mainly for the beer blog). This is the hour of the first cup of coffee and sometimes marks the beginning of Cup No. 2.

8-9 a.m.: The personal time is supposed to be over, and the “Office” should be open for business. The problem is that instead of a water cooler, there are IMs to discuss vitally important things like the fact that the Red Sox rallied to win their opener. This morning, the set-up portion of the day included getting this diary started. The last time, it involved jotting notes down on a piece of paper, and those notes never made it to the screen.

The key to getting a fast start involves having things up and ready to go. Often, opening up particular articles the night before and having them ready to work on is a good plan. Yesterday, being a Sunday, was a heavy job-searching day, and there is a pile of printouts ready to be responded to. Today will involved beer-blogging and job-search blogging, the job applications and bill-paying and budget work. Doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning (8 a.m., yearly checkup) will necessitate a change in the regular day. No chance of substitute teaching this week, because it’s school vacation up here. Not a lot else on the schedule at this point, outside of laundry, maybe and oil change for the car and the obligatory house-cleaning. Remember the part about a lot of cooking? That means a lot of dishes, too. Oh, and tending to my feline overlords . . . oops . . .  protectors.

Checked the work e-mail, and there were two pieces of mail, one from Monster.com with nothing particularly useful and CareerBuilder suggesting a career as a National Guard mechanic.

The second cup of coffee is history before the hour is up, and the third is poured.


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