What are other folks writing these days?

Job-searching on the Internet invariably leads to reading about job-hunting on the Internet, and as time has gone on, I have pulled together a number of job-related links, including some on social networking. These have probably come together over the last months.

In honor of my other blog, “Short Pours,” which is about beer, I offer a six-pack of  job-related articles.

1. The New York Times does an excellent Twitter 101 piece.

2. The Wall Street journal points out Twitter can be an office issue, but we knew that already.

3. This one from Atlantic Monthly is a more technical chart, but it’s fascinating to see how unemployment has built up.

4. The Boston Globe Magazine has a piece on people persevering. Maybe someday I will be featured in one of these.

5. NPR does a slightly different look at No. 4.

6. Here’s a very recent New York Times story about one of my favorite topics – people who are “overqualified” for jobs, but still do well when hired.


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