If my friends wrote my resume

One of the things I have done during the job search is to re-write my resume. It’s available to anyone who is interested in it. I will have a link to it soon.

In revamping it to be more of a skills-based resume rather and a chronological one, I asked my friends what they would list as my important skills.

It was heart-warming, enlightening and amusing:

  • Brilliant technical communicator with vast referenceable achievements
  • The power of schmooze 😉 How you put that into resume-friendly language is up to you.
  • I’d add networking abilities into that. You have a strong ability to build connections.
  • You can talk to anyone!!
  • Effective leader of/spokesperson for numerous fund-raisers benefitting non-profit organizations
  • Excels in interpersonal interaction, leadership and motivation
  • Strong collaborative and team-environment skills
  • Effective oral and written communicator
  • Skilled community builder
  • Able to coordinate and motivate people who don’t directly report to you.
  • Strong ability to influence without authority.

This is something I admire in most of the best leaders I know. It means people listen to you and act because of your passion, persuasiveness, and general spiffiness. It means you are a person people want to know.


One Response to If my friends wrote my resume

  1. Kristin A. Norwood says:

    Hi Bill,

    Yeah, I tend to think of you as a community organizer who can write, rather than as a writer who can organize a community. Most writers just don’t have your people skills.


    I was looking at the RPI hr page for you today (cause I can use the distraction).
    Long shots, but two things jumped out.

    Athlectic Dept is looking for a director of marketing and promotions. It’s a new position, which means they have no idea what they want to do with it yet. If you can get in, just make a pitch and see if they like it.

    Second, President Shirley is looking for a full time executive speechwriter. Worth reading for the description alone. Blah, blah, blah,…”The ability to produce revised text based on input.” “Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: None.” “New/Replacement Position: Replacement.”

    Thinking good thoughts for you,

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