Looking for a job makes you think

For a minute there, I thought I was unemployed for longer than I have been. It feels as though it’s pushing two months.

It will be six weeks effective tomorrow, and I am not definitely through the severance an into the unemployment. There are some good things, like being on COBRA and still having health insurance.

There’s also been support from folks around me, people willing to look into jobs at their company or to pass my information on. I’ve also been working steadily covering basketball and hockey games for the local newspaper and for out-of-town ones and I have picked up a couple of consulting gigs.

The not-so-good part? Still only the one interview, which might well have paid off had I lived closer to Albany. The Census Bureau called back to check on my supervisory experience, but there’s been nothing since.

What’s making it even tough is that while I have earned several hundred dollars with the newspaper work, that money’s not going to show up until early April. That doesn’t make for effective cash flow.

But people have gotten through this before, and I intend to be another one of those who do. That means keeping up the daily regimen of checking a half-dozen Internet jobs sites, getting the resumes out and continuing to build social-networking ties. The deeper I get into LinkedIn, the more fascinating it gets. It definitely requires a lot of seed time, responding to threads and making connections. (And my friends are thinking, “Bill, you find this hard?”)

Still edging around Twitter, also I am using one of my Twitter identities to make more connections for the Short Pours, my craft beer blog.

I’ve also greatly expanded my reading about employment news and job-search how-tos. I will admit, though, that it’s hard not to get discouraged. Here’s hoping those things become useful working knowledge for the future.


One Response to Looking for a job makes you think

  1. chrystie says:

    My experience was similar. I’d work for short spurts but the money wouldn’t come for a month or more and it put a strain on things. You’re doing well though because you’re working it 😉 I know people who haven’t had an interview in 6 months…I sent out 245 resumes before I got the interview for the job I just started 6 weeks ago.

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