It’s all about making connections

Social networking is nothing new. It’s just got some spiffy new paint and pin-striping.

My life is a social network. I collect friends and contacts. I am one of those, “Hey, Bill, so you know this guy?” or “How do you know that makes good beer?” or anything else along those lines. Among my friends, we call it “The Liamverse.” It’s pretty well based around the Society For Creative Anachronism, a group that is based on Medieval re-creation. (That’s a whole series of topics for another blog).

I am finding that on-line social networking, which is what people mean when they use the phrase these days, is very similar to networking in person, but it comes with a shiny bonus. The connections multiply much faster.

Going into the job-search, I had been active on Live Journal (more than 600 friends) for many years and had also built up a solid number of friends on FaceBook (about 920 at this point). I had barely started using Twitter, and I now have two twitter accounts, one for personal use at “LiamStLiam” and the “BillToscano” account, which is for blogging and job-searching.

The new social networking foray is into LinkedIn. I never realized how powerful that site was, both for connecting with people and finding job leads. What I like is that I have a backbone in place after importing my Gmail and other contacts, and I have found that people are very willing to help. I have connected with Society For Creative Anachronism folks who do freelancing or have job leads. I tracked down the name of the direction of human resources at a local company I am trying to get into it. I think being able to address my letter directly to him will help.

I’ve also connected with a full-time freelancer who has given me excellent direction. That one came from a friend seeing one of my LJ postings and saying, “I have a friend who does this. Want an introduction.” And to be honest, there are several old-school, long-time friends who are helping as well.

The blogs, especially this one, are another part of my effort to reach out, connect and find work, whether it’s full-time or part-time. And, again, I am also teaching myself more about blogging. We’re off to slow start, but that’s OK. I appreciate everyone who comes, and especially those who are commenting. I think it will grow as we go on. Any publicity you might be able to do would be great.

It’s time to work on cover letters. Have a great day.


2 Responses to It’s all about making connections

  1. chrystie says:

    Yeah 🙂 Now you have realized the power of my job!! 😉 LOL where I utilize all these things not just for me but for my employer/clients.

    Now don’t forget to check out LinkedIn groups! They can be fantastic resources because people will post about job and consulting prospects there to find people who are part of their targeted audience. For instance I just found a job lead yesterday for a friend on my Inbound Marketing LinkedIn Group. A few months ago a consultant posted the need for extra help on a project and I got a few hours of consulting time in with her on the project because I answered the post.

  2. Chrystie,

    I’d love to talk to you more about your job. I am finding myself increasingly enamored of the idea of breaking into the social media marketing for a big company.

    Bill I agree with you.

    Chrystie – I’d love to connect on Linkedin if you are there. I can be found at

    Great insights Bill!

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