It’s time to dance faster!

My current, fervent hope is that the old cliché, “When one door closes, another opens” turns out to be true for me.

One of the things that being laid off has done is to allow me to do more writing. That’s something I always said I wanted to de, and I now I can – and must – do that. I have to admit, I have not been taking advantage of this as I should, but today’s a new day, and I am hard at it.

The neat thing is that this expansion of writing is also leading me in new career directions. I have always wanted to do more freelancing and writing, and here’s the chance to do it.

What am I writing? Well, this blog for one thing. I am trying to expand it a bit and talk about job-search methods, especially social networking. I am also expanding my beer blog at Short Pours, here on Word Press.

I’ve launched PLQ Freelancing, and I am currently working on a social-networking project and a series of resumes. I am doing a lot of game coverage for the local newspaper, because the high school basketball playoffs are upon us. Glens Falls is the center for these tournaments, from now until the last weekend of March.

Beyond that, I am developing some travel and opinion articles to pitch to newspapers and magazines. Of course, like most of my friends, I have several novels percolating, so we will see what happens there.

Oh, and I am writing a lot of cover letters for jobs. A lot.

I think the message here is that as much as I would like to just pull up the covers and wait for the phone to ring with a spiffy job, it’s time to really start pushing in new directions.


2 Responses to It’s time to dance faster!

  1. Susan says:

    If ever there was a person tailor made to thrive in a Web 2.0 universe, it was you. I swear that The Liamverse (TM) is a social networking organization all its own.

    Hang in there, and dance faster – the rest of us will drum to help keep you company. 🙂

  2. Bill Toscano says:

    It’s funny that that.

    I am working on another post, which is about social marketing. I am going to reference “The Liamverse” in it.

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