Taking a couple of new tacks

So, as the job search moves on, it acquires new directions, sometimes changing in the course of the day.

Remember, I had been keeping my job-search options open even when I was working full-time. But I was looking a little differently that time. My focus was on permanent, full-time jobs, especially those paying more than I was making. I was a bit pickier then, because I could afford to be then.

Now, my horizons are expanding rapidly. I am looking at full-time, summer jobs, as well as part-time jobs. I am thinking that if I can manage to get decent-priced health insurance, I could work a couple of solid, part-time jobs and expand my freelancing and blogging and still be able to make the money we need to keep the cats in gooshy food.

Of course, I would really like to find jobs that appeal to me, which is why I am looking hard in the writing and social-networking areas. In fact, this blog and the way I am promoting it is part of the expansion of my social networking.

You can certainly help with that by letting people in your circle know about this. Any time you can re-tweet information on new posts, that would be great.


One Response to Taking a couple of new tacks

  1. chrystie says:

    Speaking of keeping your options open! check out – http://www.careerrocketeer.com/2010/02/10-ways-to-create-work-when-theres-no.html

    Part-time Consulting got me through the last year and I know you have the skills and the market is there…especially for virtual stuff!

    As for the social networking I can send you tons of info and lots of training stuff!

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