Testing, testing . . .

Any job search has short-term plans and long-term plans.

The short-term plan is to find a job that I’d enjoy that meshes with my skills and can help me pay. (That may change as time goes on. Right now, I am hoping for a call from the Census Bureau.

I took that test last week and got 26 of 28. I really thought I had gotten all of them. Not a very hard test at all, considering passing is 10. They called back for details on my supervisory experience.

I also know that seasonal employment will pick up in March or April (although the heavy snow outside does not hold a lot of hope for Spring).

The two longer-term goals involve the Internet and the classroom.

I’m trying to use the time to do a lot more writing — including this blog — and I hope to get more freelance gigs.

The other plan, which has always been the plan, is to get back into the classroom. In order to do that, I need to pass all three NYS teaching tests. (You get two years to pass the tests, but I just didn’t have time before.

I took two Saturday, the teaching-focused one and the general Liberal Arts and Science Test. They were each 80 questions and an essay of 300-600 words.

Fortunately, I believe I am a good test-taker. I did feel really, really old, because many of the several hundred people there were fresh out of college.

I still need to take the Social Studies-specific test, and that won’t be until June, so I will not get the results until July.

But it’s not uncommon to get hired with the certification pending one test.

The best outcome of all this would be getting my freelance writing and blogging going better *and* getting a local teaching job. We’ll have to see. It’s all part of the adventure.


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