Cranking ’em out and checking the numbers

You’ve got to love being able to apply for jobs on the Internet.

I got six resumes out in two hours yesterday morning. The only thing I find that you have to be really careful with is editing the cover letters so that your cover letter for a marketing position doesn’t have a final paragraph that says, “I would love the chance to work at your school.”

That’s even more important when applying for an editing job.

I am spreading things out more now, looking for part-time positions and really examining some of the jobs that want writers and editors to work from home. Yes, my eyes are open, and I am not going to shell out $100 for a “How to work from home” booklet. To paraphrase the Olympic announcer from last night, “This ain’t my first rodeo.”

The primary goal, though is a full-time job, and I am working on that.

But while I really want to get hired, I have to say I truly appreciate places like Hudson Valley Community College, that send you a letter saying that they appreciated your application but hired someone else. The HVCC job was the first one I applied for in this job hunt. That letter went out Feb. 1 and I got the “No thanks” letter” earlier this week. I also got a “No thanks” letter from a school system near Syracuse.

Going into this week, I had applied for 12 positions. I’ve got the two “No” responses and had an interview then a turn-down at a non-profit in Albany. I have got a call back for more information from the Census Bureau, but no interview yet.

I also sent out six “query” letters to folks in the newspaper business who were not advertising for positions, and I have gotten, but no offers yet. In addition, I have contacted at least one other person with a “fishing” letter, someone I have worked closely with, but again, no response.

No bitterness here. Just observations and appreciation from those I have heard back from.

As I said, six more resumes out yesterday, and a couple to go over the transom today.

These are definitely interesting times.


3 Responses to Cranking ’em out and checking the numbers

  1. kelly says:

    even more important, check the address line. I once posted an application and forgot to change the address line, I had changed everything else…oh well, didn’t get the job.

    I am happy to hear that you are finding places to fish. I’m coming up empty here.

  2. Kristin A. Norwood says:

    Another one for the ‘jobs you’re not applying for file’.
    Via Linked-In:
    Harvard University is searching for a Financial Analyst for the Office of Financial Strategy and Planning!

    This is the same dept. that was humiliated in the ‘betting the grocery money’ fiasco last year.

  3. chrystie says:

    Are you using your twitter account to follow recruiters and freelance twitter accounts?
    Are a couple of examples of ones I follow. I also follow some specific ones that helped me find small consulting gigs.

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