End of the week . . .

One of my main duties when I was working at the One-Stop Center was to conduct 15-minute meetings with people who were collecting Unemployment Insurance and had received a letter from the State Department of Labor instructing them to come in for the meeting.

Late last week, I got my own letter and the accompanying paperwork. I’ve got to be at the Warren County One-Stop at 2 p.m., next Tuesday. Now, it’s important to note that if we hadn’t moved to Glens Falls in October, my appointment would have been at the office where I used to work. That would have been fascinating.

Still, I know the drill. I am expected to be there for the meeting or I get another letter, and if I miss two meetings, they will suspend my unemployment payments. That’s called the dreaded “Failure to Report” (or FTR) hold. It requires finally going in and having the meeting.

Thing is, meeting is fairly painless, or about as painless as anything can be when you’re unemployed. I am just waiting to find out how different it’s going to be in another office, because I know that each of us in my old office did it a little differently. This office I am going to operates a little differently from ours.

It’s really not a lot to do. They want to see that you are alive and make sure you’re applying for a minimum of three jobs a week. I have done that in the course of a morning. Then they tell you about the One-Stop Centers, how they can help you find a job and what services they offer. Of course, I know all this already.

Despite that, I am trying to look at my navigation of the New York Department of Labor through the eyes of someone who doesn’t know the system. I know that’s probably not possible, but I have to say that so far, it’s going well.

Knock on wood.


One Response to End of the week . . .

  1. chrystie says:

    Each time I’ve gone I take the print out of my spread sheet that I kept track of all the resumes, interviews, etc. I did during unemployment. It unnerved them a bit, they aren’t used to that I suppose.

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