Well, that’s the first bad news of the search . . .

It’s always easy to say, “Well, that might be for the better,” when you don’t get a job, but in this case, the potential boss and I both had the same concerns. I was really trying to decide whether I would take the job I interviewed for a week ago, but the boss made the decision for me.

It would have been teaching job skills and helping in the job hunt for released felons and folks with substance abuse issues.

No doubt I could have done it, but it was in Albany (an hour commute) and was a very intense job requiring a fair amount of travel outside the office.

That was really the only sticking point during the interview. I could have coped and probably would have crashed down there a couple nights a week. She even talked about a four-day week.

In the end, she went with someone local, and honestly, that was probably the best call.


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