Sixteen minutes later . . .

Internet job searches don’t follow the pre-Internet schedule.

Not that long ago, Sunday was the key job search day. You trundled out to the newsstand (we used to have those) and picked up two or three local papers. The classified sections came out of the paper first and with pen in hand, and a pair of scissors on the table, you went through them line-by-line.

This morning, my job search took 16 minutes, and not in a good way. I found one possible lead — and honestly it would make all this recent hassle well worth it, but more about that later.

The first stop was the Glens Fall Post-Star, the local daily paper, which produced five new jobs. All of them were “work from home” scams. Clearly, more jobs are going up for the Saturday paper or just popping in a day at a time. The local big-city paper, the Albany Times-Union, had 19 new ads, nine of them “work from home” or “grant money is available” ads. I know grant money is available, and I don’t have to pay someone to find it for me.

Just a quick note: I am putting nothing in the search box, other than a 50-mile radius from where I live, so I am seeing all available jobs, not just the ones in my fields. I am trying to cast as wide a net as possible.

The local Internet job site, Adirondack Help Wanted, had one new job — “work from home.” The rest of the top five included one regular job listing and three National Guard ads. Of course, we are talking the far reaches of upstate New York here.

As usual, had a lot more jobs than the other individual pages — more than 50 — but that site is a web crawler and hits all of those pages, so you would expect that. No solid hits there. Same for Craigslist. There were a couple of interesting things, but even with my net cast wide, nothing to pursue.

The only luck — and this was a saving grace — came when  I went to my job-hunting e-mail, which receives the “Monster Power Search” — and found a listing for a Lecturer in Journalism at SUNY-Plattsburgh. It’s a long way away and might necessitate a move, which we are trying to avoid, and the job does not start until Fall.

On the other hand, I have the Journalism and teaching experience for it, and to be honest, ever since my Uncle Ed taught in college, I have always wanted to do that. The pay is good for northern New York, and the job is a lecturer, not a professorship, so my lack of a PhD is not a deal breaker. That one I am going after, but certainly even if I get it, I need something in between.

Maybe there’s hope. The State Department of Labor jobs web site only gets updated during the work week, so maybe there will be listings there tomorrow. But then, if no one listed new jobs over the weekend, then what are they going to have?


4 Responses to Sixteen minutes later . . .

  1. Kristin A. Norwood says:

    Hi Bill,

    Something that you might want tot consider. Add a link here to your Linked-In page (I know you have one now because I just sent you an invite). Also, join as many groups on Linked-In as you might have the slightest interest in. There are quite a few private job postings that seem go to Linked-In connections before they go public. My own Linked-In page has been something of an experiment in how many groups can I join.

    Best of luck. Please consider coming back to Boston.

    Kristin A. Norwood

  2. chrystie says:

    I agree with Kristin, definitely need your LinkedIn and add your twitter as well. Look on Twitter feeds for jobs as well, I found a lot of prospects there and many recruiting agencies have a feed on twitter for just that reason. Also make sure you check LinkedIn I found better prospects there then anything else, including the position I just started.

    I think the job at SUNY Plattsburg would be FANTASTIC!! you’d be further away, but what an incredible opportunity! Between now and then you can always do what I did and do a lot of consulting and freelancing. It kept me going until now and was definitely worth it!

    Good Luck!

  3. Kristin A. Norwood says:

    Found this on the Boston Society of Architects website. Throwin’ it over the transom. Job location is in Davis Square, Somerville.


    Associate Director, Development


    This is a position requiring a strong development professional with at least three years of successful fundraising experience. It requires superb writing and analytical skills. The Associate Director for Development will work on foundation and corporation fundraising in a large national non-profit organization and will have the opportunity to take initiative and suggest and develop systems to strengthen the department’s effectiveness.

    This position is ideal for somebody with the desire to become a senior development professional or non-profit executive, who wants to work in a multi-cultural environment, and has enormous passion to improve the world through community and human development.

    Major responsibilities will include:

    developing and maintaining relationships with corporate and foundation donors; supporting senior management in these relationships; identifying and researching new funding sources; working with grant managers and program directors to develop and write grant proposals and reports; tracking all reports and ensuring that they are submitted on time; and managing the overall development systems within the department and across departments. The Associate Director for Development reports to a Senior Vice President and works closely with the President, VP for Asset Development, Development Associate for Individual Giving, and the Development Department VISTA.


    YouthBuild USA is the national support center for over 200 local YouthBuild programs in which low-income young adults build housing for homeless and low-income people in their communities, while working toward their own GEDs or High School Diplomas and becoming community leaders. YouthBuild USA has a lean fundraising department that focuses on raising private funds. Its senior leaders all participate in fundraising for private and public dollars.

    Primary Responsibilities:

    – Work with YouthBuild USA’s senior managers and the President to strengthen and maintain relationships with existing foundation partners and YouthBuild USA stakeholders
    – Participate in YouthBuild USA’s Breakthrough Growth Plan to raise 80M private dollars over the next five years.
    – dentify and research information on new funding opportunities with foundations and corporations and meet with relevant YouthBuild USA managers to discuss these opportunities and strategize approaches
    – Draft grant and payment acknowledgement letters, letters of inquiry, concept papers and proposals for new funding opportunities and continuing grants from foundations and corporations
    – Maintain calendar of proposals to be submitted and grant reports due and ensure that all deadlines are met and quality assurance protocols followed by grant managers
    – Work with the Development department VISTA to maintain a full record of all activities and correspondence with private funders in paper files, Kintera database, and electronic folders
    – Support the Affiliated Network’s Development Committee by organizing monthly conference calls, and the bi-monthly Funding Opportunity E-newsletter, and distributing funding opportunities to the field as they become available
    – Support YouthBuild USA’s partnerships with national funding organizations including America’s Charities and Youth Transition Funders Group
    – Travel as needed to some funder meetings and conferences
    – Assist the Development Department in accomplishing its overall goals

    Minimum Qualifications:

    A minimum of two years nonprofit or public sector management experience including experience as a program manager, program coordinator or department head;

    – Knowledge of how to develop and maintain organizational systems,
    – Knowledge and experience with federal government programs and funding streams;
    – Extensive excel and database skills;
    – Experience with Web 2.0 and other advanced technology skills;
    – Strong written and verbal communication skills;
    – Ability to work collaboratively with a diverse team and communities;
    – Bachelor’s Degree.

    Desired Skills, Experience, and Characteristics:

    – Bachelor’s Degree or higher with outstanding academic qualifications.
    – Superb writing and analytical skills
    – At least five years of professional experience including three years of fundraising and development in a non-profit environment, including: Grant and report writing, Partner and funder relationship management
    – Experience with fundraising software such as Paradigm, Kintera, Raiser’s Edge or other relational data base management software
    – Well organized, detail oriented, and capable of multi-tasking in a fast paced work environment
    – Flexible and committed to excellence
    – Hard working and responsible with reliable follow-through
    – Excellent relationship building skills and capable of working with all other staff with respect, diplomacy, and clarity
    – Ability to work well in a multicultural environment
    – Down to earth with a good sense of humor and perspective
    – A steady, under-stated, no-drama approach to the work and community
    – Deeply caring about the long range mission of ending poverty and injustice worldwide


    If you are interested in learning more about YouthBuild USA, please visit our website at If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your cover letter and resume to: Job Search, YouthBuild USA, 58 Day Street, P. O. Box 440322, Somerville, MA 02144 or you may apply on-line @ Please apply by December 15, 2009. YouthBuild USA is an equal opportunity employer.


    POSTED 2/3/2010

  4. Bill Toscano says:

    Thanks, Kristin. I appreciate the tip!

    I will do that.

    Chrystie: Thanks. You’re always there for me.

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