First hour of the day . . .

So, in less than a week I have fallen into a pattern, getting up, checking my mail, then rolling through a half-dozen job sites.

It gets easier when you are checking them every day and just need to look at the new ones.

I just sent a thank-you note to the executive director who interviewed me yesterday to tahnk her and let her know I am still interested. As I said before, I need to call her back Tuesday.

Today’s going to be a catch-up day in terms of house-cleaning. shopping and laundry. But there area couple of job applications I need to send in, and I probably ought to spend another hour or more updating resumes, etc.

I need to put together a couple of shorter, skill-specific resumes, one for writing and public relations and one for fund-raising. Then, I need an education-specific one as well.

I got an excellent format (actually from a customer) for a quick, one-pager. What I’ll do for some jobs is send that one, then followup with with the longer “has everything” resume. I know there are some specific things I need to highlight.

We’ll see where things go.


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