OK, gotta be happy with that . . .

First interview on the new job hunt, and it went well.

I am one of three candidates (out of a hefty stack of resumes) that they are interviewing.

The position has a lot of similarities with what have been doing for the last seven months, and in addition, the executive director told me the thing that really impressed her was my teaching skills.

It was a one-on-one with the executive director of an 11-person non-profit. If I move on in the process, I will go back and talk to the whole staff. I need to call Tuesday.

One of the cool things was that she started by explaining “alternative sentencing” to me. I listened carefully, then told her that the office I was working out of for the last two-plus years did alternative sentencing. Turns out she knows the director of the youth bureau where my office was.

It’s a two-year grand-funded position, but the executive director seems to be one of those folks with a talent for finding money. She’s been doing this for 25 years.

The main concern — on both sides — is that it’s an hour commute each way, but she already brought up the possibility of structuring it as a four-day week.

I did some of my basic search stuff this morning — the local papers, and the New Yok  Department of Labor (DoL) site. I need to swing through craigslist (where I found the ad for today’s interview) and indeed.com.

My interviewer told me that it’s her experience that more and more non-profits are using craigslist for job listings and not using local newspapers at all.


One Response to OK, gotta be happy with that . . .

  1. Sounds promising, and it sounds that they would be willing to work things out should you prove to be their top choice. I hope everything works out as you want.

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