Zambonis, tattoos and body parts

When you’re job-hunting it’s sometimes impossible not to peek at jobs that you know you’re not qualified for or that you wouldn’t take even if they paid you.

There was a great post for a “Zamboni driver” at a local ice rink, but basically it was a custodian’s job in which you got to drive the ice-finishing machine. But I am not a tool-using monkey.

There have also been a couple local openings for tattooists, but since I wouldn’t be able to watch needles going into the skin, I don’t think I would be very good.

There are two others up locally, both at hospitals, that are fascinating in the way a spider the size of a dinner plate is fascinating.

One of for a Morgue Attendant:

(The hospital is an easy walk from my house)

High school graduate or equivalent.

One year of specialized training in mortuary science preferred.

Ability to read & understand the SOPS & departmental safety manuals; To understand communications with the attending pathologist in both a written & oral form; To recognize problems regarding the areas of responsibility & solicit feedback from the supervisor or attending pathologist; To withstand the sight of blood & tolerate various smells; To perform under difficult circumstances such as dealing with a disfigured &/or decomposed body; To operate an electrical bone saw & weighing scale; To understand & document weight & volume using the metric system.

Perform a variety of technical & clerical functions associated with post mortem examinations & other dissections as directed by the attending pathologist.

The other’s for an Organ Procurement Coordinator:

Responsibilities: The Organ Procurement Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the entire organ donation process including donor family approach, evaluation of organ function, placement of organs with transplant centers, and organ recovery. Travel in motor vehicles and small aircraft as well as extensive on-call are required. Knowledge of personal computers with Microsoft applications is a plus.

Requirements: Previous 3 years of experience in a direct critical care, emergent care, or surgical care setting a must. Prior organ procurement experience, critical care nursing experience, or surgical experience strongly preferred. A variety of medical training backgrounds will be considered for this unique role. Bachelor’s degree preferred.

I will look for other opportunities later today.


2 Responses to Zambonis, tattoos and body parts

  1. chrystie says:

    yup I did that a lot too 😉 It’s fun to check them out sometimes. For me it was when it was the coldest or the worst weather outside I’d start looking at jobs in warmer climates like the Bahamas 😉 LOL

  2. Rowan says:

    Hey, I just remembered – University at Albany is hosting a job fair on Wednesday. You might want to visit their website for info and check it out. Great way to network at least.

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