Not like the other layoffs

Only I could get laid off from the unemployment office.

I wonder if that means the economy is getting better.

My layoff message to my close friends, by the way, was a twitter-perfect 140 characters:

“I got laid off effective today. They gave me a month’s severance pay. I will be reinstating myself on the substitute teacher  list tomorrow.”

OK, it had an extra space.

Anyway, so yes. On the afternoon of Wednesday, Jan. 27, I came back from getting a coffee and my boss called and asked me to meet her in the conference room. This usually means I am being written up for something.

This time, I get an official letter saying that since the state Department of Labor has added a full-time person in our office, that we don’t need another in-office person, specifically me.

Understand, there are no hard feelings here. I had worked for the agency for 18 months running a youth grant when the state cut the funding, and they slid me into a job in their One-Stop Center, the New York version of the Unemployment Office. In addition, they gave me a month’s worth of severance, so it’s all good.

I live in the next county over, so I do not necessarily have to go there for my unemployment meetings and job searches. I have already filed for unemployment. I did that Wednesday afternoon, just after checking on the substitute teaching registry and firing a couple notes to local newspaper editors I know.


One Response to Not like the other layoffs

  1. Stack says:

    T- sorry to hear that. My wife and I have been lucky so far (touch wood) but they’re dropping like flies in my office (Motorola.) Keep up the good fight!

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