More irony with my coffee

So if the irony of getting laid off from the Unemployment Office, wasn’t enough, I wake up this morning and see that one of President Obama’s main points in his State of the Union Address was “jobs.” OK, sure. I am all about that.

I did my usual search this morning. Remember, I kept my options open while I was working at the One-Stop. I ran through the Albany Craigslist and searched the new listings at the Glens Falls Post-Star and Albany Times-Union. These are actually Yahoo HotJobs searches on those specific cities, anyway.  I will hit next. It’s a webcrawler I discovered when I started at the One-Stop. It does a meta-search across many job sites. You get a lot of mulch, but you also get to control the search pretty well.

I’ll hit some job-specific sites in a little bit, both teacher sites and journalism sites. I use the New York State OLAS teacher site, as well as I’ll check and the discussion board at . I will also check the local colleges, because sometimes there are jobs listed there that don’t wind up in other places.

The other big thing I did this morning was to take time to establish this blog. I am going to use it to chronicle the job search and comment on other topics. We will have to see where it goes.

I am open to suggestions and ideas. To me, a good blog always includes good discussions.


One Response to More irony with my coffee

  1. chrystie69 says:

    check out, and of course I have a ton of others I’ll send you in an email but those are top 3 I see you don’t have on this list here that I think you would find something on.

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